A Unique American-Nigerien Trans-Saharan Travel Company

Sidi Mamane:of Tuareg origin, born in Marandet-a nomadic camp near the Aïr Mountains. Married and the father of two children, today he lives with his family in Agadez. Sidi has extensive knowledge of the Ténéré desert in Niger and is a man of exceptional warmth and hospitality, which is the pride of the Tuareg people. He is known by his friends for his wisdom, generosity and courage. This reliable man will see to it that all of your journeys with us through the legendary land of the Blue Men of the Sahara desert are successful. He is interested in nature preservation, the development of civil society in Africa and the defense of Human Rights.
Sidi-Amar Taoua:of Tuareg origin, born in Gani-a village near the city of Ingal where the nomadic Tuareg meet every year to celebrate the Cure Sallée. Sidi-Amar has extensive knowledge of the Saharan region in Niger and elsewhere in the Maghreb; he has been to the most remote villages and oases of this vast desert and is personally familiar with all of the sites on the routes proposed by Nomade Sahara Expedition. He is known by friends for his love of the Tuareg people-their culture, history and most of all their future. It is his passion to provide a way for others to discover the mysteries and charms of the desert! His interests include the safeguard of indigenous cultures and the survival of nomadic peoples.